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Wind in the Australian and Great British energy markets

A wind turbine is the same piece of engineering no matter where on earth it is located, yet assuming largely similar natural wind resources, the variety of risks and value wind turbines create is very much driven by the market characteristics in which they operate. As a pre-eminent energy research, consulting and market intelligence business that operates in Australia and Great Britain (GB), we have analysed how the outlook for wind in each market is being shaped by market design and infrastructure as well as network realities. 

On balance, whilst both markets will see growth, and both have their challenges, the characteristics of the GB market means it will see greater growth. But there are good opportunities in Australia if challenges of system rules, resilience, and unpredictable market value drivers are addressed and can be navigated.

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Gareth Miller, Cornwall Insight CEO commented

“Wind will play different roles in the future of both the Australian and GB energy markets, with GB likely to see much greater expansion of its already extensive wind capacity base as a result of the abundance of this natural resource and the mandatory need to act created by the net zero commitment. But Australia also presents big opportunities for wind developers, particularly in certain regions, and building off a strong initial foundation built under subsidy schemes."