Storage Profitability Benchmark Curve

The Storage Profitability Benchmark Curve is designed to provide a detailed revenue projection of battery storage projects across the National Electricity Market (NEM). This information has been curated to allow our clients to value, compare, and contrast potential battery storage projects earlier in development to make timelier and improved decisions without needing more costly bespoke analysis.

The service provides long-term storage revenue forecasts by region, updated quarterly. The reports are based on Cornwall Insight’s long-term price forecast for 2, 4, and 8-hour battery storage assets in all NEM mainland states (SA, VIC, NSW, and QLD) over a 20-year asset life for two different COD dates.

The revenue is generated by utilising our in-house storage optimisation model, which simulates the dispatch of a battery storage asset trading across wholesale energy and Frequency Control Ancillary Service (FCAS) price markets in the NEM.


The report includes the following: 

  • Revenue summary and comparison across 24 alternative scenarios
  • Identification and analysis of the key market trends and changes affecting storage assets in the NEM
  • Review of the storage cycling and throughput outcomes from the modelling scenarios
  • Provision of detailed storage operational data, including average enablement and time of day average operational profiles
  • Detailed revenue output data is provided for each scenario in $/month and $/year, $/MW/h and $/MW separated by market to ensure our client can see which market is most beneficial and how this changes over time
  • Dynamic investment metrics can be calculated in the Excel spreadsheet to determine project and equity IRR and NPV. The model can also be customed to utilise client inputs for capex, opex, debt and equity rates and ratios.


  • Low-cost access to long-term revenue projections for storage projects
  • Easily compare multiple sites across differing states for alternative COD dates
  • Revenues based on robust and trusted wholesale and FCAS price forecast models
  • Customisable IRR and NPV calculator

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