Benchmark power curve briefing for subscription customers

Our ‘Quarterly benchmark power curve briefings’ are the perfect opportunities for our subscribers to ask any questions they may have about our latest ‘Benchmark Power Curve’ (BPC) and to get the latest developments directly from our energy market experts.

Cornwall Insight Australia’s BPC report provides an update on the impacts on power prices of major developments around energy consumptions and demand profiles, timings of energy infrastructures, cost projections, and much more. It also provides an in-depth analysis of specific sensitivities that may significantly impact the energy market.

The BPC comprises three credible scenarios exploring potential future pathways in the NEM, including:

  • 30-year 30-minute forecast of National Electricity Market (NEM) wholesale power price for the Neutral scenario
  • 5-year 5-minute forecast of National Electricity Market (NEM) wholesale power price for the Neutral scenario
  • 20-year annual forecast of wholesale price, technology captured price, price volatility, capacity and generation mix, and emissions for all three scenarios

The BPC is for lenders, equity investors, developers, and operators to support investment cases, budgeting, asset benchmarking, and business planning. It is a comprehensive market and asset-level electricity modelling service that delivers long-term power price forecasts performed by industry-leading regulatory, market, and policy experts and supplemented with insights from trusted practitioners.

Wholesale prices in the model are derived from simulation of the fundamental principles underpinning the NEM, looking at the cost of individual power stations, revenue requirements, and generation and transmission requirements to meet long-term demand forecasts and their dynamic characteristics.

By registering to our BPC webinar debriefs as a non-subscriber, you will receive access to the webinar recording, and slide deck presented. These will be sent to you the day after the webinar. You will have the opportunity to interact and ask our energy market experts questions during the presentation. You are also encouraged to submit questions on topical issues and events before the webinar for discussion by our experts on the day.

For more information on getting access to this webinar, or to speak to one of our experts, please email or call +61 497 704 142.

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