Cornwall Insight key advisor in landmark Toucan Energy portfolio sale

Cornwall Insight acted as a key advisor in the successful sale of Toucan Energy’s solar PV portfolio. The historic transaction marks the largest operational solar PV portfolio ever to change hands in the GB market.

Boasting 53 solar PV assets, with a combined capacity of 513MW, the sale represents a significant step forward towards the country’s net zero goals.

Cornwall Insight acted as the commercial due diligence advisor, supporting Interpath Advisory, by providing long-term wholesale power price forecasts, GB electricity market analysis, and an overview of battery storage co-location opportunities, alongside being a trusted provider of expert advice.

Large operational solar PV assets will play a critical role in the energy transition, and the sale of Toucan Energy’s portfolio will help in the journey to increase renewable generation in the UK.  

Adam Boorman, Principal Consultant at Cornwall Insight:

“The sale of Toucan Energy’s solar portfolio marks a pivotal moment in the UK’s transition towards a greener future. This transaction is not only a landmark event as the largest operational solar PV sale, but it will help continue to support the UK in moving towards its renewable energy targets.

“It was a pleasure to work with Interpath Advisory on the sale, with our market intelligence and expert engagement helping to see this deal through to completion. Cornwall Insight’s role demonstrates our commitment to advancing a sustainable and flexible energy system, and we are proud to have been part of this historic sale.”

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