Cornwall Insight key commercial adviser on sale of Red John Pumped Storage Hydro scheme

Cornwall Insight played a crucial role in advising Intelligent Land Investment (ILI) on the successful sale of the in-development Red John Pumped Hydro Storage Asset to Statkraft.

With its 450MW capacity Red John is poised to be a significant contributor to the UK’s journey to a net zero electricity system.

Cornwall Insight’s comprehensive commercial due diligence services, including revenue forecasting, regulatory and policy analysis, and risk assessments, contributed to the successful completion of the sale.

The close collaboration between ILI and Cornwall Insight highlights their shared commitment to advancing net zero energy solutions.

Adam Boorman, Principal Consultant at Cornwall Insight said:  

“We are delighted to have supported Intelligent Land Investments in securing investment from Statkraft for the Red John Pumped Hydro Storage scheme. This project is vital for the UK’s goal of achieving a net-zero electricity system, and we are proud that our expertise in revenue forecasting, regulatory analysis, and risk reviews provided ILI with the essential information for a successful sale.

“It has been pleasure to work with the ILI team and contribute to the development of this strategic asset.”

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