Cornwall Insight named one of UK’s leading management consultancies in latest FT awards

We are excited to announce that Cornwall Insight has once again been recognised as one of the leading management consultants in energy, utilities & environment by the Financial Times. This is the fifth time Cornwall Insight has featured on the list, which is based on feedback from clients and peers in Consulting.  

Following two Statista surveys, we were awarded a bronze award.  

Ben Hall, Group Consulting Partner at Cornwall Insight said:

“We’re incredibly proud to once more be named as a leader in our field by the Financial Times and Statista. This prestigious consulting award is particularly meaningful because it’s based on feedback from our clients and peers, and reflects the strong relationships we’ve built and the respect we’ve earned within the industry.

“The energy landscape has become increasingly challenging to navigate over the past few years as international change, macro-economic headwinds, demand for innovation and our pursuit of a sustainable future all take centre stage. Amidst this complexity, our consultant’s unwavering passion and expertise have established us as a leading force in the industry. Whether forecasting to advise on investments in the net zero sector, demystifying new regulations for energy suppliers, or guiding businesses through decarbonisation, our experts help some of the world’s most respected companies and organisations succeed in the ever-evolving energy environment.

“We look to build on our achievements as we expand our client base, sharing our expertise with fresh audiences. Helping more and more clients shape the global energy landscape and achieve their energy goals.”