UK sees 70% rise in public charge-points for electric vehicles over past year

The UK now has one publicly accessible charge point for every 11.2 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) on the road, having seen a remarkable 70% jump in charge points over the past year. The figures, utilised in the calculation of the Electric Vehicle Country Attractiveness (EVCA) Index by Cornwall Insight and law firm Shoosmiths, demonstrate the substantial impact of the government’s ongoing efforts to expand the charging infrastructure network. Moreover, the number of public charge points is expected to increase through 2023.

The government’s commitment to investing in rapid and ultra-fast charging networks demonstrates a determination to overcome existing barriers and create an environment conducive to electric vehicle adoption.

Despite the significant progress, the UK is still ranked in the middle of the EVCA Index, with sales of electric vehicles declining over the past quarter. However, the UK’s score has slightly improved. While Norway retains its spot atop the index, due to its highly developed BEV market, other nations such as the Netherlands and Spain have witnessed notable shifts in their rankings as they intensify their efforts to promote electric mobility.

Figure 1: EV Country Attractiveness Index scores and rankings

Jamie Maule, Research Analyst at Cornwall Insight said:

“The significant increase in public electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the UK signifies a positive stride towards an electrified transportation future. With each new charging point, we create an atmosphere that encourages the adoption of EVs and supports the nation’s collective vision of greener roads and a cleaner environment.

“Yet, as we celebrate this milestone, let us not overlook the electrifying revolution unfolding across Europe. The UK’s position in the EVCA Index calls for an even greater push. Our neighbouring nations are leading the charge, with Norway and the Netherlands becoming a pioneer of progress, armed with extensive charging networks and forward-thinking policies to raise the sale of EVs. As these countries surge ahead, their actions inspire a sense of urgency across the continent, which we hope can turn Europe into a haven for electric mobility and leave a lasting mark on the future of transportation worldwide.”

Calum Stacey, legal director in Shoosmiths’ energy and infrastructure team said:

“The headline 70% rise in public charge points in the UK shows the substantial level of activity in the charging infrastructure market over the last year and perhaps a new phase of efficient project implementation. Beyond the headline rate, there are indicators that show the potential for significant further growth in charging infrastructure market in the UK.

“For example, one of the main movers in the new EVCA Index is the Netherlands, driven by the achievement of one publicly accessible charge point for every ~2.7 BEVs; the UK is significantly behind on this metric (with one publicly accessible charge point for every ~11.2 BEVs) and illustrates the demand for further investment in the public charging market.”


  1. The EV Country Attractiveness Index (EVCA) is a ranking system developed by Cornwall Insight and Shoosmiths to assess countries’ attractiveness for EV deployment based on various factors, including charging infrastructure, government incentives, market conditions and market share of EVs.


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