Benchmark Power Curves

Our Benchmark Power Curves are comprehensive power price modelling services, providing market and technology-specific forecasts.

Cornwall Insight’s Benchmark Power Curves provide comprehensive power market modelling that delivers long-term 30-year price forecasts, with a range of scenario-based projections to ensure you make informed investment decisions. We provide modelling services across a growing range of markets (GB, SEM, Australia, Japan and Germany), through a central modelling team ensuring that insights and best practices are shared to deliver long-term forecasts you can trust.

Backed by our extensive market expertise and data-driven insights, our Benchmark Power Curves offer several key benefits that can help you: 

  • Understand credible long-term electricity price ranges across different technologies 
  • Incorporate detailed revenue forecasts into your financial models to support business planning and asset benchmarking 
  • Benchmark the value delivered by various routes to market 
  • Mitigate risk from changes to regulation, policy, and market conditions 

With our Benchmark Power Curves, you gain a trusted partner with specialised expertise in energy policy and regulation to navigate the rapidly evolving energy landscape. We host quarterly debrief webinars for our Benchmark Power Curve customers, providing direct access to our modelling team to explain, clarify and justify the inputs, outputs and methodology, along with any other questions. Read our media release on the use of our Benchmark Power Curve to support the sale of Toucan Energy’s solar portfolio here.  

Our holistic energy market intelligence, scenario analysis, and ongoing monitoring empower you to adapt your strategies as the market dynamics shift. Our Benchmark Power Curve service includes forecasts generated from our in-house developed models. The main model utilises PLEXOS, a leading energy market modelling software widely employed in the industry whilst actively monitoring new software releases to ensure we are using the latest features and best-supported versions.  

Our commitment to quality extends to extensive regression testing, ensuring that any modifications in functions and results are managed to prevent adverse impacts on our forecasts. All production forecasting models are regularly back-tested and undergo extensive calibration to ensure results are consistent with market activity and are economically rational.  

For reliable forecasts and insight to drive strategic decision-making and capitalise on emerging opportunities, please contact us at

Japan Benchmark Power Curve

30-year wholesale power prices for Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokyo, Chubu, Hokuriku, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu developed in partnership with Shulman Advisory.

Germany Benchmark Power Curve

30-year wholesale power prices for Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg power markets developed in collaboration with the University of Cologne.

GB Benchmark Power Curve

30-year forecasts of wholesale power prices for the GB Energy Market covering Great Britain.

SEM Benchmark Power Curve

30-year forecasts of Irish wholesale power prices for the Single Energy Market (SEM) covering Ireland and Northern Ireland.

NEM Benchmark Power Curve

30-year forecasts of wholesale power prices for the National Electricity Market (NEM) in Australia.

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