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Arming the fleet - accelerating businesses scale adoption of EVs

Road transport is a significant source of carbon emissions, likely contributing to accelerated climate change. The Road to Zero has been put in place to decarbonise road transport, setting out the broad direction for a zero-emission vehicle transition. Battery electric vehicles are viewed as the main solution to clean-up transport, with 34.9mn projected to be on British roads in 2050.

Despite this, the Road to Zero broadly ignores the fleet industry. With estimates suggesting there are five million fleet vehicles in operation, this is a critical part of the road transport in Great Britain. A lack of clear policy alongside limited engagement between the fleet and electricity industries presents a barrier to the fleet transition to electric vehicles.

This paper finds that to overcome these challenges and capitalise on opportunities fleet electrification presents, there is a need to:

  • drive greater cross-sector engagement
  • take simple no-regrets policy action now
  • build innovation bridges to increase the fleet industry’s awareness of fast-paced developments in the wider electricity industry

These recommendations could accelerate the business-scale adoption of electric vehicles.


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Tom Lusher, Pixie Energy Analyst commented

"There is an opportunity for fleets to move electric vehicles from an innovative niche to a serious business proposition and realise significant environmental and financial benefits. If properly supported, fleets could lead the way on EV rollout. This paper marks the start of Pixie Energy’s publications providing support to fleet electrification"