Capacity Market Forecast

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The ‘Capacity Market forecast’ provides a comprehensive analysis of the Capacity Market auctions (T-4 and T-1). The subscription report includes a detailed forecast of the clearing prices for upcoming T-1 and T-4 auctions, which will allow you to better formulate your business’s bidding strategy as well as understand the values that could be achieved through this revenue stream.

Capacity Market auctions can be a valuable income stream for generators and those with demand-response assets, however, given the wide range of factors that can impact bidding behaviour and clearing prices, forecasting the results and costs of the Capacity Market can be a challenge. Cornwall Insight’s ‘Capacity Market Forecast’ provides a view of short-term and long-term auction prices, helping you understand the market dynamics that may impact upon prices achieved.

The report is released to coincide with upcoming auctions and is updated throughout the year. It provides a longer-term view of the Capacity Market with an outlook to 2050 of market prospects. Long-range forecasting is critical for those looking to participate in the Capacity Market.

Not only does this report forecast the upcoming Capacity Market auction clearing prices but, the updates inform you of key changes to scheme rules as well as information on the pre-qualified and fully qualified plant. Additionally, you will receive our analysis of each set of auction results.

Key benefits

    • information to aid your bidding strategy

    • helps you understand values that could be achieved through this revenue stream

Who is it for?

    • generators

    • suppliers

    • investors