North West Europe Benchmark Power Curve*

*Germany Austria and Benelux

Our North West Europe Benchmark Power Curve is a comprehensive power price modelling service, providing market and technology-specific forecasts. It delivers long-term 30-year price forecasts, informed by our significant market, policy and regulatory expertise, along with direct access to our experts.

We use scenario-based “Central, High and Low” 30-year projections of electricity prices in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Coverage includes baseload and peak prices at market-level to capture the difference in value between typical wholesale markets. Prices are presented in real values of the day and not at quarterly granularity.

Our forecasts are more than just snapshots based on the current market structure. Instead, they capture the rapidly changing market landscape with greater renewables, flexibility, interconnection and the growth of electric vehicles. This will give you a better understanding of how the evolution of the power market may change your business strategy.

The Benchmark power curve forecasts are published for different technologies, fully reflecting price and value-capture based on different operating and load profiles of various types of power assets. This will enable you to develop investment decisions based on criteria, including timing and technology selection.

All our data outputs can be integrated with your financial modelling and business plan templates and our team of experts will also assist with the interpretation of results.

Key Commercial Features

  • 30-year power and commodity (gas, oil, carbon) wholesale curves for Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg power markets
  • Technology capture prices (e.g. solar, onshore/offshore wind, baseload)
  • High, central & low scenarios by generation mix and commodity prices
  • Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Energy Economics at the
    University of Cologne (EWI)

Key Benefits

  • Designed to support business case development and investments in power generation assets
  • Short-term forecasts are calibrated to the traded market to ensure they
    reflect current market dynamics
  • Mitigate investment risk by accurately reflecting key regulatory and
    policy developments