Cornwall Insight Australia advisor to Aquila Capital on acquisition of 220MW battery portfolio

Cornwall Insight Australia was an advisor to Aquila Capital on its acquisition of a pipeline of battery storage assets, totalling 220MW, from Spain’s Gransolar Group.

As a leading provider of research, modelling, advisory and consultancy services to businesses engaged in the Australian energy market, experts at Cornwall Insight Australia used our market-leading storage optimisation model as well as wholesale and Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) price forecasts to provide advice on the revenues that Aquila Capital would be able to achieve across the lifetime of the battery assets.

With the appetite for storage solutions only increasing, particularly in the Australian context, Cornwall Insight Australia’s policy and regulatory team were also able to deliver specialist support on the market changes and developing opportunities that will continue to mature for storage projects in the future.

Ben Cerini, Managing Consultant at Cornwall Insight Australia:

“It was a pleasure to work with the team at Aquila Capital in their acquisition of 220MW of battery storage assets, and we are proud to have provided them with the actionable advice that allowed them to move forward with their investment.”

“A growing number of investors are committed to delivering market-leading projects that will facilitate and support the energy transition toward Net Zero in Australia. Over the past year, Cornwall Insight Australia has delivered an increasing amount of storage investment cases. Our work with Aquila Capital demonstrates Cornwall Insight Australia’s ability to provide Battery Storage specialist revenue and forecasting advice throughout this energy evolution.”

“We hope to drive more investment in the storage space as the enthusiasm for renewable energy solutions continues to grow.”

Marcus Teo, Senior Investment Manager at Aquila Capital Asia Pacific:

“We are grateful to Cornwall Insight Australia for their support on our recent Australia battery acquisition. With their insights, we were able to reach a more holistic view of the merchant market risks and returns, which helped inform our decision to move on this exciting energy storage investment – a first for us in Australia.”


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