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Nigel Cornwall


Nigel is Cornwall Insight's founder and a respected independent commentator on competitive market issues, his current role is focussed on company strategy and stakeholder relationships.

He has extensive experience of energy restructuring in the UK and internationally in both the public and private sectors, especially governance related aspects. As a civil servant, he was actively involved in the initial electricity vesting process in the UK and oversaw the establishment of National Grid. He spent much of the 1990s working overseas, involved in energy sector reform in a range of emerging and developed markets.

At Cornwall Insight, Nigel has:

  • Been the key driver of the business since its launch in 2005
  • Appeared before several parliamentary committees as an expert witness
  • Advised numerous clients on the operating of the GB energy sector

Nigel specialises in issues connected with market design, including the role of network operators and market operations in deregulated markets. He has worked extensively across five continents in most areas of the contestable and regulated parts of the energy sector.

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