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More about Energy networks and interconnection

Our team has a detailed understanding of the GB energy networks, including the price control process, the charging methodologies for the different systems, how they are utilised by different stakeholders, and how the current network arrangements impact on market participants behaviour. We are able to utilise this expertise to deliver tailored support to market participants, helping to understand impacts on revenue stacks, different types of generation assets and operating profiles they encourage, the impacts and restrictions that the current network regimes place on innovative offerings, and the impacts on retail tariffs.

Parties we have provided detailed information to regarding network considerations include: battery developers, electric vehicle propositions, generators looking to optimise their revenues, and suppliers looking to launch innovative offerings. Additionally, through our knowledge of the wider price control, economic and regulatory issues we have been able to support a number of investors in new and existing network assets.

Case Study

We have worked with multiple parties to understand the impact of transmission and distribution charging arrangements development on their assets and the commercial opportunities and challenges that arise. This has included advising offshore wind, remote island wind, thermal generation, embedded generation and storage. Cornwall Insight has forecasted network charges in the short and long-term. 

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