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Q117 Forecast

Tim Dixon Tim Dixon Team Lead
The Renewables Obligation (RO) is a regulated mechanism introduced in Great Britain in 2002 and in Northern Ireland in 2005 providing certificates of value for eligible renewable generators. RO certificates (Rocs) are issued to accredited generators and demand is created in the market through obligations placed on licensed suppliers to source a certain amount of electricity generation from RO accredited capacity. Understanding the Roc market can be complex and time consuming. Whether you are the project owner, an investor or a supplier involved in the Roc market it is crucial that you are able to forecast values, obligations and costs. The Long-term Roc Forecast does just this, providing a reference point for future Renewables Obligation Certificate (Roc) values, and knowledge of how the costs of the RO may impact on supply businesses and energy bills out to 2027.

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