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Issue 671 | UNC Panel

Issue 671 | UNC Panel

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Analyst

UNC Panel Meeting (Incorporating UNC Committee Meeting) 18 May 2017 Assessment Headlines The Panel recommended UNC618 Extension of Invoicing Contingency Arrangements in Case of Project Nexus Defect, which Ofgem subsequently approved for implementation on 1 June The draft Allocation of Unidentified Gas (AUG) statement for 2017-18 was approved despite the majority of the UNCC voting to remove Shrinkage Error from it. This was a controversial issue and the AUG Expert will be approached to further discuss removal of this parameter Gazprom introduced its new modification UNC619 Application of Proportionate Ratchet Charges to Daily Read Sites, which aims to address the issue of ratchet ...

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