• Australia

    Power market modelling: ISP, NEM & WEM BPC, NEM & WEM FCAS

    Our Benchmark Power Curve sets itself above other products in the market for its accuracy and independence. Notably, we provide 5-minute price granularity during the first five years of the outlook period and 30-minute price granularity from the sixth year onward.

  • Australia

    Flexibility, firming, VPP, ancillary services, and other emerging markets

    Cornwall Insight Australia provides modelling and analysis of ancillary services markets, including FCAS and potential investments in flexibility, firming, BPP, ancillary services, and other emerging markets.

  • Australia

    Battery revenue forecasting

    Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘Storage investment model’ (SIM) is designed to inform and assist market participants on storage investments, enabling project optimisation, risk assessment, independent evaluation, and due diligence.