UK commitment to a net zero economy by 2050

  • Regulation and policy

    Reform options for TNUoS and constraint management

    This report explores the potential to enable the decarbonisation of the GB energy system and meeting net zero ambitions through evolutionary reforms to the transmission charging and constraint management arrangements. Cornwall Insight is an independent energy consultant with extensive experience in market and policy analysis. This report was produced by...

  • Regulation and policy

    Transforming the energy market: how change will work for consumers

    This report is an introduction to changes in the energy market. It has been written in a way that is easy to understand for people who are not familiar with the topics. Energy is critical to all sectors of the economy, and this report provides a high-level overview of the...

  • Home supply and services

    Decarbonising healthcare: opportunities and challenges

    In order for the UK to meet its commitment to a net zero economy by 2050, all sectors will be required to reduce their carbon emissions. In this paper, we set out some of the main options for decarbonising heat and power in the healthcare sector, and the typical advantages...