Event Hub | Energy Flexibility Markets: Building the plane in flight

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Dan Atzori
Research Partner

Introduction on the evolution of the energy storage market

Joe Camish
Lead Analyst

The latest trends and consequences from the balancing services

Kate Mulvany
Senior Consultant

Implications of Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA)

Headshot of Andrew Oliver, Senior Energy Modeller at Cornwall Insight.

Andrew Oliver
Senior Energy Modeller

GB power market outlook: Trends on long-term power prices

Jacob Briggs

Trends in GB battery storage and investment in the GB market

2. Meet the panellists

3. Our Review of Electricity Market Arrangements

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A field of electricity pylons connecting to each other in front of a sunset sky.

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Battery storage curve

A quarterly revenue forecast of battery storage assets in the UK market. This is based on our two-stage storage optimisation service; Power price forecasting and Storage optimisation modelling.

Flexibility forum

An in-depth, real-time understanding of the commercial flexibility landscape. It discusses the issues that are currently and will be impacting flexibility and the demand-side response sector helping you identify the risks and opportunities for your business.

Benchmark power curve

A 30-year, scenario-based projection of the range of electricity price outcomes that support and inform financial and operational strategies.

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