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Our Insight papers offer detailed and evidence-based thought leadership on key market characteristics. They are designed to provide thought-provoking perspectives and recommendations as well as contribute to industry debates. Through a combination of in-depth industry knowledge and practical experience, our Insight papers will help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the market.

Our Insight papers cover a wide range of topics including future networks, the Capacity Market, electric vehicles, corporate PPAs, wind and more

Latest papers

  • Home supply and services

    Policy Costs in Domestic Energy Bills

    Decarbonising residential heating will be pivotal to the UK's energy transformation goals, as the shift from fossil fuels to electrically powered alternatives is essential for achieving net zero. This paper examines the impact of reallocating policy costs from domestic energy bills. Our latest paper, 'Policy Costs in Domestic Energy Bills'...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Addressing the cost of electrification: A 2024 update on decarbonising heat for energy intensive sectors

    Cornwall Insight and CPI are delighted to present an update to our 2022 paper on industrial electrification, 'Addressing the cost of electrification'. Our latest paper, 'Addressing the cost of electrification: A 2024 update on decarbonising heat for energy intensive sectors', highlights the changing economic and policy environment, and suggests a...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Review of deployment of long duration energy storage in the electricity sector in Ireland

    This report seeks to assess the potential for Long Duration Energy Storage technologies (LDES) in Ireland, focusing on barriers and opportunities for the sector. The report focuses on policy, regulatory and market based opportunities and challenges, as the first step in understanding the market landscape for the sector. Read the...

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    Smart Energy GB – Turn on, Plug in, Cash out: Unlocking the value from smart meter-enabled EV flexibility

    We are currently working with Smart Energy GB on our latest insight paper, which will assess the value of smart and V2G electric vehicle (EV) charging within a flexible energy system in three snapshot years of 2025, 2030, and 2040. Watch this space for the full insight paper, coming soon.

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Integrate to Zero – Rewarding consumers for flexibility: global market highlights

    This report, developed in partnership with Integrate to Zero, explores the highlights, insights, and themes that are characterising household flexibility markets around the world. We carried out desk-based research using an initial review of different energy markets to spotlight and evaluate the flexibility-focused propositions that were present in these markets....

  • Low carbon generation

    Battery storage in Japan: An up-and-coming market?

    This paper includes exclusive insights from Cornwall Insight’s Japan Benchmark Power Curve. As Japan progresses towards net zero emissions by 2050, the country’s energy system will undergo substantial changes, some of which we discuss in this insight paper. In this insight paper, we discuss the demand and challenges accompanying Japan's...

  • Low carbon generation

    Is Germany going green? Charting Germany’s energy transition (2nd edition)

    This paper includes exclusive insights from Cornwall Insight’s North West Europe Benchmark Power Curve. The first edition of this report was published in June 2023. Using exclusive insights from our new North West Europe Benchmark Power Curve, our insight paper assesses the impact of macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges on Germany’s...

  • Regulation and policy

    Supporting Renewables

    Understanding policy impact on the cost to the consumers of renewable development in Northern Ireland Cornwall Insight Ireland’s report for RenewableNI finds that appropriate support for renewable generation in Northern Ireland can be expected to reduce overall cost to consumer. The Department for the Economy (DfE) is in the process...

  • Regulation and policy

    Race to net zero: Rebuilding investor confidence in the UK

    Increased macroeconomic pressures and rising international competition have left the UK at risk of falling behind in the race to attract investment in the net zero transition. In this paper, we examine these headwinds alongside a discussion of the short and long-term changes to the Contracts for Difference scheme that...

  • Power and gas networks

    The shifting sands of Liquified Natural Gas in Europe

    As we look ahead to a second winter with heavily reduced levels of Russian pipeline gas being supplied to Europe, one of the key variables in the stability and security of European gas supplies and prices will be the supply of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). In this paper, we discuss...

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    Corporate decarbonisation: What shapes success?

    The focus of this research report is on the strategic measures that businesses can take to decarbonise their energy usage, with more practical measures discussed in Cornwall Insight’s published insight papers, “A corporate’s guide to decarbonising power” and “Business net zero: Making progress in a challenging economy”. This research centred...

  • Regulation and policy

    Reform options for TNUoS and constraint management

    This report explores the potential to enable the decarbonisation of the GB energy system and meeting net zero ambitions through evolutionary reforms to the transmission charging and constraint management arrangements. Cornwall Insight is an independent energy consultant with extensive experience in market and policy analysis. This report was produced by...

  • Regulation and policy

    Transforming the energy market: how change will work for consumers

    This report is an introduction to changes in the energy market. It has been written in a way that is easy to understand for people who are not familiar with the topics. Energy is critical to all sectors of the economy, and this report provides a high-level overview of the...

  • Home supply and services

    Decarbonising healthcare: opportunities and challenges

    In order for the UK to meet its commitment to a net zero economy by 2050, all sectors will be required to reduce their carbon emissions. In this paper, we set out some of the main options for decarbonising heat and power in the healthcare sector, and the typical advantages...

  • Home supply and services

    The power of flex: Rewarding smarter energy usage

    The research underpinning this report aims to understand the financial and environmental benefits of household flexibility for consumers and the national energy system. We have analysed the difference between a scenario where households participate in flexibility, and one where they don't. Our analysis covers three time periods (2025, 2030 and...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Ready and waiting: Opportunities for energy storage

    As the UK transitions towards net zero, the increasing share of the energy generation mix coming from renewables is resulting in greater intermittency of generation, leading to a growing system need for flexible dispatch solutions. Produced in conjunction with DLA Piper, this report provides a background to energy storage and...

  • Low carbon generation

    Is Germany going green? Charting Germany’s energy transition

    Using exclusive insights from our new North West Europe Benchmark Power Curve, our insight paper assesses the impact of the energy crisis on Germany’s net zero ambitions and attainment. Current and future policy decisions are unpacked and evaluated to determine their impact on the net zero investment landscape, with the...

  • Low carbon generation

    REGOs and Decarbonisation

    Though this is not the original intention of the REGO scheme, REGOs have increasingly become seen as a mechanism to provide support to increase the build-out of renewable generation in GB. This report therefore examines the question “has trading in REGOs provided an effective incentive for investment in new renewable...

  • Regulation and policy

    WACC-A-MOLE –Implications of the rising cost of capital for the fifth round of the Contracts for Difference scheme

    Soaring inflation and interest rates, combined with supply chain issues and labour shortages, have pushed up the cost of capital and increased the costs needed to finance renewable projects. With the latest round of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme set to open to applications this month many in the...

  • Home supply and services

    Integrate to Zero: Carbon and cost reduction opportunities from integrated energy in GB

    This report summarises the current market landscape, opportunities, and barriers to offering integrated energy propositions to consumers in Great Britain (GB).

  • Power and gas networks

    Crisis behind, challenge ahead: European gas storage levels for 2023

    In December 2022, we published our insight paper, Another winter of discontent? What happens to the UK this winter, and next, if the gas taps from Russia stay turned off? discussing concerns for European and UK gas supply during winters 2022-23 and 2023-24, and the key variables that could influence...

  • Business supply and services

    Business net zero: Making progress in a challenging economy

    In light of the financial pressures faced by enterprises from rising inflation and interest rates, tight supply chains and labour markets, alongside high energy bills, this paper investigates to what extent decarbonisation is still a priority for corporates and how progress towards net zero has been impacted by recent developments....

  • Home supply and services

    Energy security and smart meters

    Smart meters have the potential to play a critical role in energy security, providing near real-time information through a visual in-home display, empowering consumers to change how much energy they use and when they use it. If consumers reduce or shift their energy consumption away from peak periods, they may...

  • Power and gas networks

    Another winter of discontent? What happens to the UK this winter, and next, if the gas taps from Russia stay turned off?

    Substantial reductions in Russian gas supply to Europe and increased global competition for LNG cargoes have resulted in substantially elevated gas prices for the UK this winter (2022-23) compared to the historical norm. Our forecasts indicate that this could not be a single winter problem, with tight supply and high...

  • Business supply and services

    Bad debt and energy suppliers: A systemic risk

    With the energy crisis squeezing the budgets of households and businesses, an increasing number of customers are struggling to meet their bills, despite the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) and other forms of support provided by the Government. As millions more people fall into fuel poverty, energy suppliers’ bad debt –...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Co-location, co-location, co-location

    As the UK transitions to net zero, the energy generation mix will become increasingly dominated by intermittent renewable generators, thus promoting a need for greater flexibility within the energy system. Setting up a new site, especially for storage assets, is currently a long and often costly process. Co-location is where...

  • Home supply and services

    Counting the costs

    In its first month in office, the Truss Government has introduced policies to addressthe cost of the energy crisis. On the domestic front, the Energy Price Guarantee(EPG) has been implemented as a support scheme for households due from 1October 2022 and for the next two winters. In this paper, our...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Unlocking REMA

    Recent challenges have emphasised the recurring importance of the energy trilemma, namely the need to decarbonise the energy system while ensuring energy security and affordability. The government announced its Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) in April 2022 to address these issues. In July, the government published a consultation paper...

  • Low carbon generation

    MCS Charitable Foundation – Hydrogen Costs

    MCS Charitable Foundation (“MCS”) in its charity goal of decarbonising homes, heat and energy has commissioned us to calculate the costs of blue and green hydrogen, based on current and projected gas prices. This report sets out our methodology for this forecast, and our findings in terms of delivered prices...

  • Business supply and services

    Weathering the storm: Mitigating the impact of energy price hikes for businesses

    The challenging gas supply situation and record-high electricity prices are putting considerable pressures on the GB economy as we enter winter 2022-23. Unfortunately, as the winter approaches, wholesale energy prices are set to rise even further, constraining the growth of businesses that were starting to recover from the scars of...

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