Power and gas networks

  • Power and gas networks

    New Fault Ride Through compliance arrangements introduced for transmission-connected generators

    Ofgem approved Workgroup Alternative Grid Code Modification 1 (WAGCM1) of GC0151 Grid Code Compliance with Fault Ride Through (FRT) Requirements on 5 November. In short, this decision introduces a new, legal process, into the Grid Code – the legal text that governs those connecting to the electricity transmission system -...

  • Power and gas networks

    Location, location: The increasing complexity of embedded benefits

    There is growing recognition of the need to reform our current network arrangements to support a more dynamic and flexible electricity system as we undergo the transition to net zero. Among the network elements currently going through a period of review are Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges, which recover...

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    Net Zero Strategy: key points

    Yesterday, the government announced its long-awaited Net Zero Strategy, a 368-page document that provides a route the nation will take to a net zero economy. The strategy outlines how spending will be prioritised for power, fuel supply and hydrogen, industry, heat and buildings, transport, natural resources, and greenhouse gas removals....

  • Home supply and services

    Why gas shippers are important


  • Power and gas networks

    Green hydrogen is “essential” for the UK to achieve net zero

    Today, we released the latest copy of our Energy net zero. The publication takes an in-depth look at the UK's transition to a low carbon economy. The below article analyses the UK landscape for hydrogen and how it is "essential" to achieve its climate goals. The article was originally published in the...

  • Power and gas networks

    Understanding the backdrop of the UK hydrogen economy

    We are delighted to publish our research note on the hydrogen sector: 'Understanding the backdrop of the UK hydrogen economy'. Serving as a primer for our upcoming series of hydrogen insight papers, we chart the UK’s progress in developing a hydrogen industry. In our paper, we cover essential developments in...

  • Power and gas networks

    Saudi oil attacks raise prospect of higher energy bills

    Confirmation from the Saudi Arabian energy minister that drone strikes had reduced the country’s oil output by around half is set to resonate across the energy markets, given that the country is responsible for around 10% of the world’s oil production. Early trading on Monday has seen the price of...

  • Power and gas networks

    LNG: A Trade Wars story

    With the rhetoric on both sides of the Pacific regarding a potential US-China trade war continuing to mount, energy is not exempt from the list of US goods that the authorities in Beijing are targeting with tariffs. In this article we look at what this could mean for US gas...

  • Power and gas networks

    With or without you – the Ireland and GB gas systems

    On 1 March 2018 National Grid issued a Gas Deficit Warning (GDW) for the GB market due to the predicted supply and demand imbalance. Ireland can hardly be a passive observer when it comes to the GB gas market given the interconnection and market flows. The Island of Ireland and...

  • Power and gas networks

    Empty spaces: is there a case for new gas storage?

    Overview of this week's Energy Spectrum publication In this week’s Energy Perspective, we explore the implications of recent gas supply incidents and ask the question – do we need more gas storage? Historically, the GB market has lacked the gas storage capacity of its European counterparts. This was brought into sharp...