• Courses

    Flexibility academy

    This course runs across four days Session 1: 6 Feb 2024 10am – 12pm Session 2: 7 Feb 2024 10am – 12pm Session 3: 8 Feb 2024 10am – 12pm Session 4: 9 Feb 2024 10am – 12pm As our electricity system continues to decarbonise and adapt to the electrification...

  • Summer courses

    ‘Flexibility’ revenue streams – contracts, how to access, insights

    This short course, usually around an hour, explains the growing need for flexibility on the electricity system and Balancing Services contract services and how the can be accessed. This short course includes; System needs for flexibilityOverview of flexibility revenue streamsBalancing Services Contracts             o   Frequency,...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Flexibility forum

    The ‘Flexibility forum’ allows you to acquire an in-depth, real-time understanding of the commercial flexibility landscape. It discusses the issues that are currently and will be impacting flexibility and the demand-side response sector helping you identify the risks and opportunities for your business. The ‘Flexibility forum’ allows you to hear...