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  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    What are the commercial opportunities for battery storage in Ireland?

    11am-11:45am | Thursday 12 October 2023 In this webinar, our experts will explain how our new battery storage optimisation model can support you in assessing the commercial opportunities of batteries in the Irish market. The battery market in Ireland is going through a period of rapid evolution, and in this...

  • Courses

    An Overview of the Japanese Electricity Markets

    Workshop: 28 Sept, 2023 10am – 12:30pm (UK time) Alongside Shulman Advisory, this workshop will uncover the opportunities and challenges for asset owners, developers and investors as the Japanese electricity markets undergo a significant transition towards lower carbon and greater competition. The workshop provides a broad overview for those looking...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Energy Market Summer Outlook 2023

    On 11 May, Cornwall Insight will be hosting a webinar covering our independent views, analysis, and outlook for the energy market ahead of summer 2023.  As current market conditions retract from last year’s bullishness, uncertainty remains present across gas, power and commodity markets. We will unpick the key drivers of the GB wholesale...

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    Driving Carbon out of Healthcare

    Join Cornwall Insight and Rutland Forums for a thought-provoking free webinar that will focus on the energy market and the challenges that hospitals face in meeting their cost and net zero targets. Our expert panellists will share key insights on energy risks and opportunities and how policy and geopolitics impact...

  • Courses

    Introduction to Irish electricity markets

    The next course runs across two days. Session 1: 30 Apr, 2024 10:00am - 12:00pm Session 2: 1 May, 2024 10:00am - 12:00pm Essential training for anyone new to the Irish electricity markets. Designed to benefit all professional and academic roles where a basic understanding of the Irish electricity markets...

  • Business supply and services

    Keeping The Lights On 2.0: How the Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS) affects your business

    Businesses are looking for some clarity around their energy pricing. Our experts will speak alongside manufacturing and consumer markets sector experts from HSBC UK to discuss the energy market landscape and how to plan for the future. The webinar will help businesses to understand what the new Energy Bill Discount...

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    Energy Crisis – how can residential landlords navigate the energy market?

    The UK energy market presents a fast-moving and complex challenge for the sector. Energy costs have moved to the top of the agenda, with more tenants in fuel poverty than ever before. Rising energy prices, delivering net zero and rent caps create a challenging operating environment. Understanding the energy market...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Achieving Net Zero by 2050 – The role of solar and batteries

    SSE and Cornwall Insight have an upcoming webinar on 19 January: Achieving Net Zero by 2050 - The role of solar and batteries. The UK has a legally binding target to achieve Net Zero by 2050. To meet this target, our energy systems require significant transformation and decarbonisation. This webinar...

  • Business supply and services

    Keeping The Lights On: Navigating the energy shock through insights

    After several difficult years, businesses now face ongoing uncertainty around energy pricing. Experts from Cornwall Insight and HSBC will discuss what is happening and offer insights into how businesses may protect themselves over the long term. Topics include drivers of price volatility and the government's support initiatives. Register here

  • Courses

    Commercial considerations of electricity network charging reform   

      This course is comprised of these sessions across three days: Session 1: TBC Session 2: TBC Session 3: TBC Reform of electricity network charging and access arrangements has been ongoing for a number of years. New ways of charging the users of electricity networks have been developed. The changes,...

  • Low carbon generation

    Co-location, co-location, co-location 

    Our upcoming webinar, in partnership with law firm Weightmans, will consider several opportunities and use cases for the co-location of different renewable energy technologies. Combining different technologies through co-location can help unlock additional revenue streams, but also comes with added risks and complexities that can put off investors. Our event...

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    Report launch: The UK and the energy transition. Leading the Way? 

    The United Kingdom is well placed to play a key role in global efforts to dramatically reduce carbon emissions over the coming decades. Our report, written in partnership with Womble Bond Dickinson, offers global context, analysis of different energy sectors and markets, as well as expert insights which shine a...

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    SSE Energy Solutions and Cornwall Insight Electric Vehicle Webinar

    The UK is ending the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. So, if you haven’t already, it’s important to start thinking about how your business can manage the transition to electric driving.  Join SSE Energy Solutions and Cornwall Insight for a free electric vehicle (EV) webinar...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Energy Market Summer Outlook 2022

    This open webinar will cover our independent views, analysis and outlook of the upcoming summer 2022 period. As current market conditions remain highly volatile and subject to much uncertainty, we will: unpick the key drivers of the GB wholesale energy marketslook at price impacts for the summer periodoutline the changes...

  • Courses

    GB wholesale energy markets and risk management

    This course runs across four days: Session 1: 07 May 2024 10am – 12pm Session 2: 08 May 2024 10am – 12pm Session 3: 09 May 2024 10am – 12pm Session 4: 10 May 2024 10am – 12pm Wholesale markets are at the heart of the GB energy sector. In...

  • Webinars

    Transmission and intra/interconnectors (free webinar)

    By this time, everybody in the energy industry must have already partly acknowledged that we are transitioning to a low-carbon economy. The days for high carbon-emitting technologies are numbered. Developments around variable renewable energy across the NEM continually occur, but does it end there? Not at all. The transmission system...

  • Webinars

    EVs in Australia – on the road to net zero (free webinar)

    This free webinar explores the role that Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources may have to play in the future of the NEM. It will examine the opportunities and issues that arise as these resources are adopted by households, as the grid transforms on the pathway to a net zero...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Energy Masterclass Series: Draft ISP and the Energy Storage Rule Change

    2022 Energy Masterclass Series with Baker McKenzie and Cornwall Insight Australia Webinar 1: Draft ISP and the Energy Storage Rule Change Australia's energy markets are currently undergoing significant transformation as the energy sector pushes forward with the energy transition to a net-zero carbon economy. The Energy Security Board (ESB) and...

  • Webinars

    LCOH2 forecasting | Hydrogen developments (free webinar)

    Join us to learn about developments in the Australian hydrogen sector, including:• insights into electrolyser operating models and implications for future hydrogen costs• discussion of state government incentive schemes• our analysts’ thoughts on the most viable use cases and markets for hydrogen

  • Webinars

    The future of power prices (free webinar)

    Have you ever wondered how the prices in the NEM will change as we transition to zero-emission in the energy industry? Or what industry aspect will most significantly influence how we supply and price electricity? Join us to discuss the future of power prices at our free webinar.

  • Webinars

    Policy and regulatory change through time (free webinar)

    The NEM, now 23-years-old, has experienced substantial policy and regulatory shifts over its lifetime. Events such as the introduction of state and federal renewable schemes, carbon pricing, droughts, and power station closures left their mark on investors of the time and on investors who followed. The market transition towards variable...

  • Webinars

    FCAS advisory

    The prices in Frequency Control Ancillary Services markets are increasing in importance. Now, more than ever, it is paramount to be aware of the future trends and costs for a project, whether you are an FCAS provider or a renewable generator. Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘FCAS price curves’ service provides subscribers...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Energy Masterclass Series: Future Fuels – the Commonwealth Government strategy and market, regulatory, and contractual insights

    2021 Energy Masterclass Series: Future Fuels - the Commonwealth Government strategy and market, regulatory and contractual insightsThe third and final Masterclass session for 2021 will provide insights and an overview of the Future Fuels Strategy and hydrogen and bio-fuels energy strategy as proposed by the Commonwealth Government's Department of Industry,...

  • Webinars

    Benchmark power curve briefing for subscription customers

    Our ‘Quarterly benchmark power curve briefings’ are the perfect opportunities for our subscribers to ask any questions they may have about our latest ‘Benchmark Power Curve’ (BPC) and to get the latest developments directly from our energy market experts. Cornwall Insight Australia’s BPC report provides an update on the impacts...

  • Subscriptions

    Energy market perspective for developers and investors advisory

    Cornwall Insight Australia's Energy Market Perspective (EMP) advisory webinar is part of our EMP subscription service. The EMP is a quarterly product for developers, investors, renewable new entry players, and other stakeholders who want to keep track of key market developments that could affect the operation and profitability of their...

  • Courses

    Net zero transition: Low carbon heat

    This course runs across three days: Session 1: 02 Jul 10am – 12pm Session 2: 03 Jul 10am – 12pm This session, part of Cornwall Insight’s ‘Net zero transition’ training series, will unpack the challenge’s scale ahead, current and future policies, and potential decarbonisation trajectories in the low carbon heat...

  • Courses

    Introduction to the GB energy markets academy

    The next Academy runs across four days. Session 1: 23 April, 2024 10am – 12pm Session 2: 24 April, 2024 10am – 12pm Session 3: 25 April, 2023 10am – 12pm Session 4: 26 April, 2023 10am – 12pm Other dates available Essential training for anyone new to the GB...

  • Webinars

    New markets, FCAS, and pathways for storage in the NEM

    This webinar series has passed. If you would like to request a copy of the recording and accompanying slides of the below webinars, please contact Register for our upcoming learning and development opportunities. Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘FCAS price curves’ are designed for lenders, equity investors, developers, and operators to support...

  • Webinars

    Quarterly regulatory and policy updates

    We are in the midst of a radical change to the fundamental operation of the National Electricity Market (NEM). As the grid becomes more interconnected, distributed energy resources become more prevalent, and generation transitions toward low-carbon energy sources, we see unprecedented levels of regulatory and policy changes. At Cornwall Insight...