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    Cornwall Insight responds to the ESO ‘Beyond 2030’ report

    Tom Faulkner, Head of Assets & Infrastructure and Networks at Cornwall Insight: “The report lays out the essential grid investments required to keep pace with the escalating electricity demand fuelled by the widespread adoption of heat pumps and electric vehicles. “With our sights set on a secure, low-carbon electricity grid...

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    Cornwall Insight comments on a year of Dynamic Containment

    Cornwall Insight examines the first year of Dynamic Containment (DC) since its launch in October 2020 by National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO). DC is the first of a new suite of faster-acting frequency response services. As non-synchronous renewable technologies make up an increasing share of the generation mix, system...

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    ECAtoday | Batteries on the grid

    Our figures showing that between June and August 2020, the National Grid Electricity System Operator’s (ESO) reliance on battery storage to balance the grid rose by 150 per cent was featured in ECAtoday What is most interesting is the technologies that have been providing these balancing actions to the ESO.Newer...