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    New forecast warns power prices to remain elevated until late 2030s

    Cornwall Insight has unveiled its latest GB Power Market Outlook to 2030, revealing that power prices in Great Britain will not shift below pre-2022 levels until the late 2030s. The report cites the surging demand for power as the main driver behind this trend, as the move to electric heating...

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    Current | GB could become a net exporter of power by 2040s

    Our modelling has predicted that Great Britain (GB) could become a net exporter of power to the continent by the 2040s. There is increased interconnection expected in the 2020s and 2030s between the island and the continent. And therefore, there will be more routes for excess offshore wind power to...

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    The future of wind in Australian V Great British energy markets

    Wind is set to become a dominant source of power as governments look to reduce their carbon emissions and although technology and wind resources are similar across the world the risk and values that wind power creates is primarily driven by the characteristics of the markets. The latest insight paper...