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    Rushing into reform of the electricity market risks significantly inflating costs

    The Review of Electricity Market Arrangements [REMA] announced by the government in its recently published Energy Security Strategy must be undertaken with a strong focus on protecting investor momentum if the government are to meet their net zero, energy security and consumer affordability objectives. REMAs remit is wide and includes...

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    ESB and Cornwall Insight Australia provide final advice to energy ministers

    Last week, the Energy Security Board (ESB) released its recommendations for the redesign of the National Electricity Market (NEM). Cornwall Insight Australia (CIA) was engaged by the ESB to assess the potential benefit of the proposed essential system service reform package for system strength provision. The report detailed that these...

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    Network and policy reforms affecting private wire arrangements

    In recent years, many businesses have been able to save money by consuming power generated from their own sites. Many of these savings have arisen because some network and policy costs are avoided in comparison to purchasing electricity off the grid. As a result, these private wire arrangements have grown...