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    VNI West Project could delay the retirement of coal generators

    Analysis conducted by Cornwall Insight Australia reveals that certain coal plants in New South Wales (NSW) may benefit from delaying their retirement, following the release of new plans for the VNI West transmission project. The 'conclusions report' from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) indicates that under the preferred scenario...

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    Staggering the shutdown of Eraring Power Station would lower impact on energy costs

    New modelling from Cornwall Insight Australia reveals that a staggered retirement of the Eraring power station would reduce the impact on energy prices in New South Wales (NSW) and lower net imports. Unlike previous plant closures, Eraring will retire all four units simultaneously, with a scheduled shutdown of August 2025....

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    NSW power prices to surge during peak periods after Liddell power station closure

    According to findings by Cornwall Insight Australia, this week’s closure of Liddell Power Station is expected to drive up average power prices during peak periods in New South Wales (NSW). Prices, particularly in the summer1, are expected to be higher compared to the previous three years. As demand peaks during...

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    Financial Review| Closure of Liddell power station

    Following news that the closure of Liddell power station could send Australian energy prices skyrocketing, our Modelling Manager Bed Tudman spoke to Financial Review on why the closure could lead to a rise in evening prices, with little room being left for outages in NSW. Financial Review

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    7GW of battery storage projects in the pipeline across Australia

    Projections from Cornwall Insight Australia show there is ~7GW of battery storage projects proposed or currently in the planning process. Of that 7GW there is just over 900MW of committed or significantly progressed storage projects set to be delivered by 2024. Key findings ~7GW of battery storage projects either proposed...

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    Wind generation’s share of non-coal merchant revenues increased 30% in three years

    The energy transition is having a significant effect on merchant revenues for different generation types across the NEM. Research from Cornwall Insight Australia suggests wind generation captured almost half of the total spot market revenues in New South Wales (NSW) last quarter, accounting for more than gas and hydro’s share...

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    Renewable energy transition in New South Wales needs to gather pace significantly

    Research from Cornwall Insight Australia highlights that the energy transition in New South Wales (NSW) over the next decade will need to gather pace significantly. The below graph shows that renewables have contributed an average of ~10% of total generation in NSW in the last four years. Over that same...