Renewable Electricity Support Scheme

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    Up to 1900MW of wind eligible for RESS-2

    Cornwall Insight’s ‘Route to RESS service’ has examined the potential capacity of wind and solar that could enter the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS-2) auction in Ireland, with the analysis showing that approximately 1900MW (1800GWh) of solar and 1600MW (4800GWh) of wind is eligible to bid for the 3500GWh pot....

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    Shortfall in Ireland’s 70% renewable target

    The Irish government recently announced that Ireland’s ambitions for tackling climate change would no longer lag behind the rest of Europe, with their commitment to having 70% of all electricity generated coming from renewable sources by 2030. Research from Cornwall Insight Ireland shows that as things currently stand there is...

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    Avoiding EU fines with a REFIT extension

    The Irish government is facing substantial fines for missing 2020 energy targets. The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) has put forward a proposal for avoiding this outcome an extension to the REFIT 2 scheme. The extension, it is argued, would allow the required number of projects from renewable sources to...