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    Cornwall Insight responds to the announcement of the July Price cap

    The predictions for the Default Tariff Cap in this piece are out of date please click HERE to find our most up to date forecasts. Dr Craig Lowrey, Principal Consultant at Cornwall Insight said: “Ofgem’s announcement that July’s Default Tariff Cap (price cap) will fall to an average1 £2,074 p/a, will undoubtedly...

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    Cornwall Insight responds to the Spring Budget

    Robert Buckley, Head of Relationship Development at Cornwall Insight: “Once again, a UK budget has seen some significant energy policy announcements that will stir up conversation and opinion across the country. It also shows how reining in energy prices is seen as key to restraining inflation. “The pre-budget announcement to...

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    Quick fixes to the energy crisis are not working, we need widescale reform

    The focus of policy makers on short-term solutions to rising energy prices is risking the long-term sustainability of the energy sector and leaving the public vulnerable to increasing costs according to Gareth Miller, CEO of Cornwall Insight. Current solutions, including the Default Tariff Cap, only attempt to deal with failings...