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    Greentech Media | Renewables and market prices

    Tom Edwards Senior Modelling Analyst shared his thoughts on renewables and why European power prices have yet to see a significant fall in Greentech Media. There are several reasons for this including renewables still account for a relatively small proportion of generation. Tom explains that there’s another, more important factor...

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    Current | GB could become a net exporter of power by 2040s

    Our modelling has predicted that Great Britain (GB) could become a net exporter of power to the continent by the 2040s. There is increased interconnection expected in the 2020s and 2030s between the island and the continent. And therefore, there will be more routes for excess offshore wind power to...

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    GreenTech media | Europe’s Supergrid Plan

    Daniel Atzori Research Partner at Cornwall Insight discussed Europe's Supergrid plan. Daniel explained that the SuperNode idea might also be hard to get off the ground. The advantages of the SuperNode are that it adopts a holistic, pan-European and collective approach to the electrification of the continent.Daniel Atzori, Research Partner...