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    Guardian| Price Cap

    Our latest price cap data showed household energy bills could climb to an average of almost £1,900 a year in the coldest months of the year. Our Principal Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey spoke on why geopolitical concerns were increasing prices Craig Lowrey Guardian

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    Solar Power Portal| Flexible energy report

    New analysis from Cornwall Insight and Smart Energy GB, which comes from a joint report into flexible energy, was covered in Solar Power Portal. Our Senior Consultant Anna Moss spoke on how by empowering consumers to become the architects of their own energy usage, through initiatives including smart meters and solar power...

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    Embracing off-peak electricity use and home generation could save billions in energy costs

    New analysis from Cornwall Insight and Smart Energy GB has revealed the substantial cost-saving potential of household flexible electricity initiatives such as time-of-use tariffs, smart meters, solar PV, and batteries. The data reveals national wholesale and system electricity costs could be cut by an annual £4.6bn in 2030 and £14.1...

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    Politics Home| Smart Meters

    Cornwall Insight collaborated with Smart Energy GB, to investigate the potential of smart meters in helping the UK stay energy secure. Our Senior Consultant Anna Moss discussed how smart meters could empower consumers to reduce overall consumption of electricity and gas and help with energy security. Politics Home