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    Smart Energy International| The use of hydrogen for residential heating in Ireland

    Smart Energy International wrote about our report assessing the potential of hydrogen in decarbonising residential heating in Ireland. Deva Devaraj, Modelling Analyst at Cornwall Insight, explained that while the use of hydrogen can cut CO2 emissions, there were limits to its effectiveness A tonne of CO2 emissions can be avoided annually...

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    Energy Monitor | Investment flows

    Daniel Atzori Research Partner at Cornwall Insight discussed foreign direct renewable energy investment with Energy Monitor These numbers are certainly impressive, though not entirely surprising. Through its EU Green Deal and Recovery Fund, the bloc has shown a remarkable degree of commitment to the transition towards a climate-neutral Europe by...

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    COVID-19 impacts: Energy demand and emissions across Europe

    Research from Cornwall Insight has investigated the impact on the daily average electricity demand and carbon emissions across five European countries during the four weeks from 23 March – the commencement of lockdown in the UK. Overall, all five markets - Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have seen...