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    The Guardian | Coal plants used

    Tom Edward Senior Modelling Consultant spoke to The Guardian about the coal-fired plants being fired up in the UK. The supply squeeze had caused market prices for electricity generated in the early evening, when electricity demand typically spikes, to climb to over £313 per megawatt hours (MWh).Renewable electricity is in...

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    Financial Times | National Grid issues

    Tom Edwards Senior Modelling Consultant at Cornwall Insight comments on National Grid's warning for the second time in three week's featured in the Financial Times. National Grid warned that supplies of electricity in Britain are going to be stretched as fewer-than-expected power generators will be available at peak times, while...

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    Pixie Energy comments on Green Alliance’s Reinventing Retrofit report

    In Green Alliance’s latest report, Reinventing Retrofit*, the UK’s housing stock was deemed to be one of the least energy efficient in Europe. The report outlined the necessary actions that need to be taken to help improve the energy efficiency of UK households. The Energiesprong scheme, initiated by the Dutch...