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    Times| Gas-fired generators

    Tom Edwards, a Senior Modeller at Cornwall Insight gave his insight to the Times on gas-fired generators being spared the windfall tax and why more expensive, inefficient gas plants were the ones setting the power prices. Times

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    Electricity demand close to outstripping supply during unprecedented heatwave

    Research from Cornwall Insight has shown that electricity system margins in Great Britain (GB) were very tight during the record-high temperatures seen earlier this week, with demand very close to overtaking supply. National Grid’s 1-hour forecast for de-rated margin (the difference between available generation and demand) was negative for two...

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    New competition for upcoming Capacity Market auctions

    Research from Cornwall Insight’s Capacity Market Forecast highlights that the recent changes in Capacity Market (CM) rules and the technology mix will see greater competition and change in the technology entering* the T-4 auction in March 2021 compared to the previous T-4 auction. Forecasted changes to the technology mix entering...

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    Renewable generator revenues fall due to COVID-19 lockdown

    Research from Cornwall Insight’s Green Power Forecast reveals there has been a sharp decline in generator revenues. Solar and wind technologies have been particularly impacted by low demand levels due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Solar PV captured prices were, on average, 8.4% and 14.9% below baseload levels in March and...