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    Quick fixes to the energy crisis are not working, we need widescale reform

    The focus of policy makers on short-term solutions to rising energy prices is risking the long-term sustainability of the energy sector and leaving the public vulnerable to increasing costs according to Gareth Miller, CEO of Cornwall Insight. Current solutions, including the Default Tariff Cap, only attempt to deal with failings...

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    The Guardian | Default tariff cap predicted to rise

    With the default tariff cap predicted to rise in April, Cornwall Insight’s CEO Gareth Miller spoke to the Guardian on why the energy market needs long-term reform.   He explained that rather than quick fixes to counter the record energy market highs which threaten the livelihoods of households and businesses,...

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    Energy Global | Hydrogen and net zero

    Our research on hydrogen and net zero was featured in Energy Global today. Speaking on the topic Lee explained that the total energy input needed for hydrogen production ranges from 190 TWh in Consumer Transformation to 736 TWh in System Transformation. The difference represents the potential scale of hydrogen use...