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    Cap on the excess revenues of renewable generators risks deterring investment

    In response to the announcement of a consultation on a Cost-Plus-Revenue Limit which will put a cap on all excess revenues renewable generators are receiving. Tom Faulkner, Head of Assets and Infrastructure and Networks at Cornwall Insight said: “The introduction of a cap on the revenues of renewable generators is...

  • Media Mentions

    The Guardian | Energy bills cut

    Robert Buckley commented the Ofgem's default tariff cap reduction has lowered after wholesale energy market prices tumbled during the coronavirus pandemic. He explained the difference between the costliest deals on the market and the cheapest stood at £562 at the end of last month, meaning a “notable gap will remain”,...

  • Media Mentions

    The Guardian | Energy bill savings

    Our predictions showing approximately a £100 fall in the price cap for this winter was featured in The Guardian today. This is following a record low energy market prices during the COVID-19 lockdown, according to analysts. We are expecting to see a significant decrease to the default price cap in...