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  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Now we’re peaking with gas: how much evening NEM demand could be replaced with batteries?

    The events leading up to the recent market suspension in June have highlighted the role that peaking gas-fired generation plays in satisfying demand and setting prices across the NEM in the morning and evening peak periods. The team recently explored some of the drivers and effects of these events in...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Australian Chart of the week | A little [ price volatility ] goes a long way

    The year of 2020 is slowly ending which means that summer has well and truly arrived. However, for those with some connection to the NEM, this is a period where speculation peaks in terms of what summer has in store for us – and with good reason! Of all parts...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Australian Chart of the week | Down, down, prices are down… but is it sustainable?

    Following a comparatively mild Q1, electricity prices have fallen significantly in Q2. While a drop in price is expected as we move from peak demand conditions in Q1 to the shoulder Q2, the surprising element is the level to which prices have fallen. Average quarterly prices in Q2 2020 were...