• Business supply and services

    REGOs still highly valued by business customers in 2021

    Renewable energy continued to be a focal point in Cornwall Insight’s 2021 Third Party Intermediary (TPI) satisfaction survey. The annual survey addressed the importance of a supplier’s green credentials for the second year in a row, finding that there is shifting interest in green energy from non-domestic customers and that...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Chart of the week | What’s in it for me? Household grid balancing

    The current dearth in energy demand and high renewable generation has brought the need for flexible consumption sharply into focus. Last weekend, Octopus Energy paid thousands of smart meter customers to use energy. Industry is now seriously looking at how households will be supported in their participation in demand side...

  • Commercial and market outlook

    Chart of the week | The wind of change: Germany’s future in the air

    Germany's newly installed wind capacity increased 260% in quarter one of 2020 compared to the same period last year. However, this increase is still marginal in the context of previous years and Germany’s wider renewable targets. January to March this year saw the installation of 107 new turbines, according to...

  • Low carbon generation

    Chart of the week | The pipeline for CfD AR4: Who, where, when?

    ‘Pot 1’ technologies may be reinstated in the next Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 4 in 2021. This Chart of the week looks at the pipeline of renewables projects which are most likely to enter the auction.

  • Low carbon generation

    Pixie Chart of the week | Germany demonstrates benefit of auction system

    Germany regularly runs auctions to subsidise renewable generation capacity. In 2020, it plans to run 20 auctions – seven solar, seven onshore wind, three biomass and three mixed wind and solar – as well as six for CHP engines, seeking nearly 7GW of capacity in total. The auctions set a...

  • Low carbon generation

    Australian Chart of the week | I’ve reached the top and had to stop and that’s what botherin’ me

    The past few months have seen close attention paid to the curtailment of renewable generators across the NEM. We have seen AEMO limit the output of solar generators in North Western Victoria to manage voltage issues, the continuing story of wind curtailment in SA as a result of system strength....

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Australian Chart of the week | Pumped storage: Silent winners in the energy transition so far?

    Last week’s Chart of the week discussed the price-setter role renewable technologies are increasingly playing in the NEM. Following on, this week’s Chart examines the impact these pricing dynamics are having on pumped storage operations across the market. To run, storage technologies – pumped hydro/ batteries – typically exploit arbitrage...

  • Low carbon generation

    Australian Chart of the week | Price-taker to price-setter: The emerging story of wind in SA?

    It is old news that the NEM is undergoing transformational changes in its generation mix. These changes to the fuel mix are having significant commercial impacts in price outcomes in the market. In the last few months, we have seen an unprecedented number of negative price intervals across the NEM....

  • Heat networks

    Pixie Chart of the week | Domestic renewable heat knowledge gap revealed by BEIS

    In this week's Pixie Chart of the Week we discuss how this month, BEIS released its Public Attitudes Tracker survey for December 2018. The report outlined the public’s attitudes in respect of BEIS policies on energy, climate change and workers’ rights, and has been running since March 2012.