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  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Australian Chart of the week | Winds of change: Victoria and its unique afternoon ‘belly bump’

    To say the transition is well and truly underway in the Australian NEM is not exactly news. In the last year alone, renewables have delivered record shares in generation mix across the NEM. Whilst solar is the technology often in the news given its impact on both operational demand, mid-day...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Australian Chart of the week | Prices in the NEM: Is variability the new black?

    The price escalation in the NEM in recent years has been well documented. Closure of ‘low-cost’ coal generation (particularly Hazelwood) has seen average prices in the NEM increase significantly. This is a result of the overall supply/ demand balance tightening. Some of this tightness has been alleviated by the significant...

  • Low carbon generation

    Australian Chart of the week | Price-taker to price-setter: The emerging story of wind in SA?

    It is old news that the NEM is undergoing transformational changes in its generation mix. These changes to the fuel mix are having significant commercial impacts in price outcomes in the market. In the last few months, we have seen an unprecedented number of negative price intervals across the NEM....