hybrid heat pumps

  • Commercial and market outlook

    Pixie Chart of the week | The only way to find what I left behind, I’ve got to double back again

    Our popular weekly publications are an opportunity for our experts to detail a wide range of issues in a succinct and visually engaging manner. In 2019, we published charts on such diverse topics as electric vehicles (EVs), flexibility, energy efficiency, hydrogen, heat, and the GB water markets. In this week’s...

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    Pixie Chart of the week | EV and HHP deployment forecast to reduce electricity costs

    In this week’s Pixie Chart of the week, we investigate the impacts on electricity wholesale costs if rapid deployment scenarios of electric vehicles, hybrid heat pumps or a combination of both are put in place. Research from Vivid Economic and Imperial College London shows that electricity costs could drop by as much...