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    Chart of the week | SoLR process sees largest supplier exit

    This January saw the largest supplier exit through Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process. Green Network Energy ceased to trade on 27 January, with Ofgem appointing EDF Energy as SoLR for its 360,000 domestic customers shortly after. On the same day, the regulator announced the exit of Simplicity Energy,...

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    Chart of the week | Challenger suppliers: started from the bottom, now we here

    We recently published our Domestic Market Share Survey for Q1 2020 (reporting date of 31 January 2020). This week's Chart of the week shows a shake-up of the rankings, unprecedented in the survey to date. Challenger brands now sit among the largest suppliers in the domestic energy market. This is due to...

  • Business supply and services

    Australian Chart of the week | Competition on the rise in residential retail electricity supply

    We have previously noted a range of new entrants into the electricity retail spaces for small business and commercial and industrial (C&I) supply. This Chart of the week takes a closer look at how competition is developing at a national and local level.

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    Pixie Chart of the week | BEIS publishes latest ECO data

    On 19 September, the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published its latest figures on the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme. As illustrated in this week’s Chart of the Week, July recorded the most monthly installations under ECO3. However, July 2019 achieved the lowest total installations of a July...

  • Heat networks

    Pixie Chart of the week | ESC show how heat services benefit consumers

    In August Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) published three insight papers as part of the Smart Systems and Heat Programme. In this week’s Pixie Chart of the week – ­we take a closer look at the three insight papers and discuss some interesting consumer themes.

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    Chart of the week | SVT and fixed tariff gap widens

    Prior to the increase of the default price cap on 1 April 2019 to £1,254/year, we reported on 14 March that some suppliers were already positioning their default variable tariffs against the increased cap. We also reported that the gap between default and market-based fixed tariffs was increasing as wholesale...

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    Chart of the week | Realising retention: churn risks for small suppliers

    Our latest domestic market share data shows a trend of rising customer churn for energy suppliers across the market. This is due to consumers choosing tariffs or suppliers that offer them a better price, service or added value product. Our chart shows an average churn rate for different supplier segmentations....

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    Chart of the week | Higher, Broader, Faster, Longer

    Wholesale price movements and pending regulatory changes are causing suppliers to amend the prices and types of domestic contracts they offer. Under a rising wholesale market, suppliers will adjust their tariffs more regularly and upwards. This is to ensure that suppliers recoup enough money to cover the additional costs. Our...