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    Chart of the week | Switcheroo: COVID-19 sees dates shift for Faster Switching

    Like most industry workstreams, the Switching Programme has experienced a delay due to the reprioritisation of activities under COVID-19. This 'Chart of the Week' looks at how the programme had to slip to allow parties relief from its requirements.

  • Home supply and services

    Chart of the week | Beautiful butterfly? Ofgem plans out Retail Energy Code

    More clarity has been provided on how the Retail Energy Code (REC) is set to evolve over time to support the move to faster and more reliable switching. In this Chart of the Week, we look at Ofgem’s recent consultation on its plans for this new code

  • Regulation and policy

    Chart of the week | Faster switching or more reliable switching?

    For years Ofgem has sought to make switching faster and more reliable on the basis that doing so should encourage customers to change supplier. Its programme of reforms in this area are in an advanced state, working towards reliable next day switching by summer 2021 for domestic customers. The “faster”...