• Low carbon generation

    Australian Chart of the week | When less could be more – on the states’ green targets

    This week’s ‘Chart of the week’ looks at the impact of the states’ targets on the overall NEM’s demand-supply profile. We start with the time-of-day average generation profile in 2020; add the extra renewable needed for the states’ 2030 targets; but also subtract coal and gas that are projected to...

  • Low carbon generation

    Australian Chart of the week | COVID-19 and the NEM: are ducks immune to the pandemic?

    Australia ramps up its efforts against the COVID-19 health pandemic. Many have asked what COVID-19 means for the National Electricity Market (NEM) and energy sector in general.  In this Chart of the week, through a time-of-day analysis, we examine the impact the week-by-week federal restrictions on businesses and individuals are having...