• Low carbon generation

    Pixie Chart of the week | Europe accelerating plans for CCUS

    Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) is expected to be an important tool for meeting net zero carbon targets and for mitigating climate change. Although uptake of CCUS technology has been slow in the UK, on 27 June BEIS announced that nine companies have been awarded government funding to advance...

  • Low carbon generation

    Chart of the week | Net zero power: more capacity, negative emissions

    This week's Chart of the Week looks at the Future Energy Scenarios (FES) for 2019, released by National Grid ESO today. It provides an updated outlook for a range of energy sector variables. Its four scenarios continue to be benchmarked against the 80% emissions reduction target on 1990 levels by...

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    Pixie Chart of the week | CCC: 2030 EV switchover would maximise savings

    In this week’s Pixie Chart of the week, we examine the new emissions target discussed in Net Zero – The UK’s Contribution to Stopping Global Warming published on 2 May by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The report is a response to a request from the Governments of the UK, Wales and Scotland,...