green power

  • Business supply and services

    Chart of the week | Customers drive TPIs to go green

    In 2019, large consumer-facing businesses led Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) to increase their valuation of green power contracts backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs). In this weeks Chart of the Week, we look at Cornwall Insight’s 2019 TPI Satisfaction Survey. We also discuss the shift in I&C TPI valuation of...

  • Low carbon generation

    Chart of the week | Risky business: forecasting revenues for green power

    Our recently published Green Power Forecast provides a five-year outlook of revenue streams available to green generators. We forecast prices for wind, solar and baseload projects, providing a theoretical maximised revenue stack for comparison against PPA offers. Our Chart of the Week shows an annual forecast of revenues for onshore wind projects with high voltage...