Western Link HVDC

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Chart of the week | Critical Link: Western HVDC & wind in the BM

    On 10 January, the Western Link HVDC suffered a fresh unplanned outage. This consequently prompted Ofgem to investigate National Grid Electricity Transmission and Scottish Power Transmission over the cable's delivery and operation. Coinciding with this outage was record-high levels of wind generation in Great Britain. This generation from transmission connected...

  • Commercial and market outlook

    Chart of the week | It’s the final countdown…2109 in review

    As 2020 approaches we trade in our reports for gift wrapping and our coffee is set aside for mulled wine. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the topics of 2019 that have garnered the most interest from our complimentary Chart of the Week publication. Our popular weekly publications are...

  • Low carbon generation

    Chart of the week | Bootstrap Bill: Western Link HVDC & BSUoS

    The Western Link HVDC, aka “Western Bootstrap”, a 2,200MW, £1bn transmission cable was built to help the UK manage the changing nature of energy production. It helps prevent transmission bottlenecks and increases flows into England and Wales by accommodating the increasingly high volume of power generated in Scotland from wind....