Enduring connection policy

  • Low carbon generation

    House of the Rising Sun… solar’s time to shine?

    The eagerly awaited results of the first Enduring Connection Policy (ECP-1) batch application process have finally been released. This is a new system for granting connection offers for storage capacity and new generation that succeeds the previous non-Group Processing Approach (non-GPA) and “Gate” systems. The grid application process has been...

  • Power and gas networks

    Sunblock: Solar & Irish connection policy

    The forthcoming decision of the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) on stage 1 of its Enduring Connection Policy (ECP-1) will shape the future Irish generation portfolio. The draft ECP-1 document, published in November 2017, sets out how the CRU proposes to allocate electricity connections following Gate 3 – an...