• Commercial and market outlook

    The 2020 oil price crash: How does it compare to previous events?

    This feature is part of our new Energy Market Watch coverage where each week we will provide insights and analysis on the latest trends in commodity markets, grid balancing and market fundamentals as the impacts of COVID-19 continue to emerge. You can sign up for the regular free update here. Brent crude oil...

  • Low carbon generation

    Oil prices slump as OPEC-Russia output deal collapses, prospect of price war emerges

    The price of crude oil has fallen by just over a third since last Thursday ($50/bl) after the production sharing deal between OPEC and Russia (OPEC+) seemingly collapsed following an inability by the group to agree a concerted response to the coronavirus outbreak. Having fallen by approximately 10% on Friday,...

  • Power and gas networks

    Help! – Ireland’s gas import dependency

    Imports have been intensified recently by falling NBP gas prices and an oversupplied UK gas system aided by strong liquefied natural gas (LNG) deliveries, a trend which has continued since winter. The high imports of January 2019 were driven by below-average temperatures, rising power demand and periods of low wind...