• Home supply and services

    Ring of fire: Cost of energy falling

    In this week’s blog, we discuss reductions in wholesale prices from Bord Gáis' recent report, the Energy Index, released on the 14 January. The Index explores market developments and price movements in oil, gas, coal and electricity. Despite reductions in wholesale prices, which make up a substantial proportion of retail bills, energy...

  • Commercial and market outlook

    Love Ireland: Retail market trends in 2018

    The Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU) published it's 2018 Electricity and Gas Retail Markets Annual Report on 8 July. The document summarised the key trends over the year, which covered switching, price changes and market share of the incumbent suppliers. In this blog, we look at some of...

  • Regulation and policy

    It’s got to be perfect – The Imperfection Charge

    A consultation paper has been issued by the SEM Committee (SEMC) on the proposed increase to the Imperfections Charge (and Incentive Outurn). For many, such papers can seem like business as usual, but the proposed hike of the imperfections charge to almost double last year’s value is bound to attract...

  • Home supply and services

    Smart export guarantee

    This summary outlines Cornwall Insight’s response to BEIS’ January consultation on the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). It expresses support for the broad thrust of the SEG proposals and identifies key issues for further consideration. Overview The proposals set out in the 8 January document The Future for Small-scale Low-carbon Generation...

  • Home supply and services

    Domestic electricity switching – More than Meets the Eye?

    Avid readers of Cornwall Insight Ireland’s blog will have seen last week our analysis on how switching rates could be impacted by new house registrations. In this week’s blog, we expand on this theme to look at other potential factors influencing electricity switching, namely how the price of tariffs offered...

  • Home supply and services

    Risin’ up – Suppliers increase domestic energy prices

    Over recent weeks a number of domestic electricity suppliers in Ireland have announced price increases as a result of higher wholesale energy costs. In this week’s blog, we look at these increases and examine the drivers behind them. Click here to view full article