Project TERRE

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Five things we learned in our new Flexible PPA Market Report

    Cornwall Insight has been examining the fast-developing market for flexible asset Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with a new report, The Flexible PPA Market Report, specifically launched to cover this. Through our leading market research and regulatory expertise, complemented by in-depth discussions with a range of market participants, the report encapsulates...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Is flexibility evolving? The latest from our customer flexibility event

    On Thursday 26th September, Cornwall Insight held its customer flexibility event, presenting a comprehensive overview of our research covering flexibility in the GB electricity sector. The presentations encompassed a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from analysis of recent Balancing Mechanism trends to proposed network reforms and progress under Project TERRE....

  • Regulation and policy

    Getting to grips with the future balancing market

    Modification P344 Project TERRE Implementation into GB Market Arrangements was implemented into the BSC on 28 February, having been approved in August 2018. The change will introduce the Trans-European Replacement Reserves Exchange (TERRE) products to the GB market while simultaneously widening the range of parties that can participate in the...